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Fall 2002 
University of Louisiana 

Dr. Chris Maggio, '85 

Director Alumni Affairs 

Fellow Northwestern Graduates and Friends: 

One of the greatest benefits of working on a college campus 
is being able to work with so many young men and women 
who are beginning their higher education and training toward 
their ultimate career goals. It is exciting to advise students and 
watch with enthusiasm as they mature and progress while at 
Northwestern. The ultimate gratification is seeing our students 
during graduation ceremonies as they exit their formal education 
and begin their lives in the workforce. 

I see the positive results of a Northwestern education on a 
daily basis. I am filled with pride when I walk into a school and 
see our graduates serving as principals, counselors and teachers. 
I am delighted when I read where our graduates receive 
promotions and awards in their chosen fields. Many of our 
alumni have achieved so much and hopefully the education and 
experiences received at Northwestern assisted in this success. 

Included in this issue is an article on young alumni. We have 
spotlighted four NSU graduates who are making a tremendous 
impact in their chosen professions. We could have focused in on 
many, many more. Our young graduates are very well prepared 
and competitive in today's workforce. I hope that you enjoy 
reading about a sample of our young graduates. 

I also want to remind you that Homecoming is just around 
the corner. We will celebrate Homecoming activities on October 
18'^ and 19"". There are several groups reuniting on campus 
including a very special group of pre-World War II students. The 
late 30's and early 40's saw a tight-knit group of students on 
campus for which many higher education plans had to be put on 
hold when the war broke out. We look forward to recognizing 
this special group. 

Finally, it is our goal to keep alumni active in the identification 
and recruitment of prospective students to NSU. With this in 
mind, the university has hired a recruiter, Ashley Lynn, to 
coordinate our alumni recruiting efforts. Anyone interested in 
getting involved with student recruitment please contact Ashley 
at . Your involvement will be appreciated. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

About the cover: Dr. Chris Kevil ('92), poses in his lab at LSU Health 
Science Center in Shreveport. 

Alumni Columns 

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President Ginger Wiggins 

Jackson, Miss. 1986 

Vice President Dr B.L. Shaw 

Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Secretary -Treasurer. Jimmy Williams 

Winnfield, 1993 

Executive Director. Dr. Chris Maggio 

Natchitoches, 1985, 1991 


Dane Broussard Houston,Texas 1986 

Jerry Brungart.... Natchitoches, 1969, 1971 

Tommy Chester. Arcadia, 1969 

Joe Cunningham, Jr. ...Natchitoches, 1984 

Leonard Endris Shreveport, 1974, 1975 

F. Allen Horton Jr.. .New Iberia, 1957,1962 

Adrian Howard Arlington, Texas, 1989 

Carlos Jones Ruston, 1993 

Gail Jones Natchez, 1981, 1998 

Bryant Lewis Haynesville, 1958 

Carroll Long Tyler, Texas, 1970 

David Morgan Austin, Texas, 1973 

K. Michael Sawrie Alexandria, 1972 

Dr. B.L. Shaw. Shreveport, 1955, 1960 

Glenn Talbert Shreveport, 1964 

Ginger Wiggins Jackson, Miss., 1986 

Jimmy Williams Winnfield, 1993 


Stacie Cosby. Alexandria 

SGA President 

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spring, summer, fall and winter 


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Telephone number 404-679-4501) to award Associate, Bac- 
calaureate, Master's, Specialist and Doctorate degrees. 

It is the policy of Northwestern State University of Louisi- 
ana not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational pro- 
grams, activities or employment practices. 

Our U^ 


An education from Northwestern is a great start on making alumni 
immediately competitive in the workforce. That is proven by the 
accomplishments of some recent alumni. 
Many recent graduates have proven to be some of the best. Our up and 
coming alumni continue to make great strides in their careers and see a 
long, successful future ahead of them. 

Four of our young alumni under the age of 35 share their experiences and 
how NSU helped make them who they are today. 

The Medical Researcher 

r. Chris Kevil is an assistant professor in the department 






Si' ^^^X^" 

of pathology at Louisiana State University Health Sci- 
ences Center in Shreveport. His primary focus at the university 
is research, particularly in cardiovascular disease, but he also 
teaches medical and graduate students. 

After graduating in 1992 from Northwestern, Kevil went to 
medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham 
where he earned his doctorate in molecular and cellular physi- 
ology in 1998. 

Kevil credits his interest in medicine to a particular time at 

"Actually, it's more of a class," said Kevil. "Dr. Thomas 
Bums was head of the biology department and I was taking a 
comparative physiology class from him. It was then that I 
crystallized an interest in physiology. I am glad to see that he is 
doing so well. He was very influential early on." 

Kevil is a prominent scientist in his field, not just among 
other researchers, but with legislators and service groups. Over 
the last four years he has published numerous academic articles 
and book chapters and has spoken at international symposia, 
travelling to places such as Munich, Stockholm and Sydney. 

This past summer, Kevil traveled to Washington, D.C. to 
give a talk to Congress on biomedical research, particularly on 
the human genome project. 

"^j. "It's amazing to be young and in this field," he said. "I see 
all that has been accomplished and I will see what's to come. 
The overwhelming majority of people are in their forties and 
fifties. Some people still think I am a student. I have many 
opportunities afforded to me because of my age." 

As for the future, Kevil plans to spend more time with his 
family. Even with a rigorous academic schedule, he looks 
forward to life with his wife and son. 

"I have come to appreciate and cherish my son," said Kevil. 
"I enjoy family time more than anything." 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 1 

Campus News. 

Our U^ 



The Journalist 

hristine Chang has been afforded the opportunities to hve in 
various parts of the country since graduating with a degree in 
joumaHsm in 1997. After graduation, she headed northeast to work in 
pubHc broadcasting with the New Jersey Network in Trenton. She later 
became an anchor and reporter for KEZI-TV in Eugene, Oregon. 

She is now the morning and mid-day anchor at KTNV in Las Vegas, 
including the Good Morning Las Vegas show. 

Chang attributes part of her success to her education she obtained at 

"What really helped was the hands-on experience in my journalism 
classes," Chang said. "My senior year we started a newscast. We did all 
the work, literally. It made me appreciate the work involved and 
humbled me in many ways." 

If there is one thing Chang loves the most about living in a large city, 
it is the food. 

"I love being around all the restaurants and all the food," she said. "I 
love to eat and there are always new restaurants popping up, so there is 
access to a variety of foods." 
W»^ Chang lives in an exciting city and has an exciting career, but still 
looks back at her days as a student fondly. 

\3^ m^ The Mortgage Banker 

tC -f %^ ^A^^ "The community value in Natchitoches is not replaceable," she said. "I 

v/ouldn't trade my college experience for the world. I love my school." 



J i 










ob Robertson, a 2000 graduate, is off to a fast start in his career. 
.Robertson left Baton Rouge, where his grandmother raised him, 
and came to Northwestern to play football in 1994. 

"Leaving a larger city to come to Northwestern really matured me," 
said Robertson. "It allowed me to humble myself and influence me 
positively in a lot of way because it slowed me down." 

In 1997, Robertson left college to play professional football. For two 
years, he was a fullback for the Baltimore Ravens, then injuries took 
him out of the game. He returned to Northwestern to finish his degree 
in business administration. 

"There was a great staff in the business department," he said. "They 
were like a family because they would cling to me and look out for me. 
I really learned because they made you work for it, but they also really 
cared about your success. That motivated you to finish." 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 2 

Campus News- 

Our U^ 


Robertson now lives in Atlanta and is a district director mortgage 
banker for GMFS. He has worked for them since last year. 

Robertson has also joined with another professional athlete to create 
<rthe Make a Play Foundation. This year, the foundation sponsored a 
-^^"0 fl^L ^^"^ "^^^ football camp for young athletes. They not only taught the campers 

^» - \J^ ^^C^^^^ ^^ P'^y football, but spoke to them about having alternate goals to 

fall back on if professional sports does not work out for them. This 
gave the children an opportunity to learn about going to college and 
other career avenues. 

"I always live by the motto 'If your mind can conceive it and your 
heart can believe it, then you can achieve it,'" said Robertson. "Keep 
your head up and God will make a way." 

The Attorney 





After graduating from NSU in 1995, Maryalyce Walsh Cox headed 
to Houston to receive a juris doctorate from the University of 
Houston Law School. She graduated summa cum laude from law 
school in 1999 and after taking the bar, joined the firm Mehaffy and 
Weber in Beaumont, Texas. 

"Northwestern and the Louisiana Scholars' College provided me 
with an excellent education and the background I needed to attend law 
school," Cox said. "Prior to attending NSU, I was undecided about my 
career plans. However, with the help of the wonderful faculty and the 
Scholars' College, particularly Grady Ballenger, I decided law school 
was for me. The guidance I received from the faculty helped me 
choose the career path best suited for me and I have found a profession 
I thoroughly enjoy." 

During her time at NSU, Cox was not only a student, but an athlete 
as well. She received a cross country and track scholarship while 
competing for four years. Cox credits her leadership skills to being a 
team member. 

"My time as part of the team helped me develop leadership skills as 
a team captain and the competition strengthened my confidence, 
determination and discipline," she said. "The skills I developed on the 
track now carry over into my professional career, which is often com- 
petitive and requires confidence, especially for lady lawyers." 

Cox is married to Erik Cox, a 1992 NSU graduate and assistant 
sports information director at Lamar University. They have one daugh- 
ter, Sydney Diane. Ill 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002/ 3 

Campus News. 

Six honored 


LP ¥ 

with induction into ^.■.Jong .■Turple .H-Jine 

/^/.v of Northwestern State University 's most accomplished alumni will be inducted 
^^ into the NSU Hall of Distinction, the Long Purple Line, as part of Homecoming 
kJ activities Oct. 18-19. 

This year's inductees are former NFL quarterback Bobby Hebert, political 
consultant Raymond Strother and health care executive Cheryl Wilson along with the 
late Northwestern President and State Senator A.A. Fredericks, businessman Charlie 
Ragus and District Judge R. B. Williams. 

''Each of these individuals carried the ideas and values of Northwestern with them 
wherever they went," said NSU President Dr Randall J. Webb. "They are men and 
women of outstanding character and dedication who achieved much on a local, state 
and national level. Northwestern is proud to honor them as distinguished alumni." 

A.A. Fredericks 






















Fredericks served as president of Louisiana State Normal (now Northwestern) from 1934 until 
1941. He was also a state senator from 1932 until 1941. 

He piloted bills through the Legislature on compulsory school attendance, child adoption, equal 
education for all, child welfare and old age assistance. 

During his presidency, the College underwent its greatest building program to date, as more than 
$4,000,000 were spent on construction during his tenure. Additions included Russell Hall, a new 
stadium, Caspari Hall, a men's gymnasium (the present IM building), a fine arts building (now named 
for Fredericks), a student center, a natatorium, an infirmary and a new power plant. A new high 
school and trade school were also built on the Normal campus. 

Fredericks later worked for Kansas City Southern and L&A railroads as a special representative. 
He served as executive secretary to Governor Earl Long during two terms of office and also served as 
State Commissioner of Public Welfare. 

Fredericks was a native of Clear Lake. He attended Louisiana State Normal and after obtaining a 
teaching certificate was a principal at Sharp and Gorum. He taught agriculture at Normal for 13 years. 

In 1965, he received the title of president emeritus. Fredericks died in 1975. 

Bobby Hebert 

ebert, known as the "Cajun Cannon" during his pro career, played in the NFL for the Saints 
from 1985-89 and 1991-92 and for the Atlanta Falcons from 1993-96. He had a 49-26 (.653) 
record as a starter for the Saints, leading the club to its best record (12-4, 1992) and its only division 
title (11-5) despite playing most of the 1991 season with a shoulder injury. 

In his NFL career, Hebert completed 60 percent of his passes (1,856-3,104) for 21,683 yards, 135 
touchdowns and 124 interceptions. He had 15 NFL games with at least 275 yards passing, including a 
career-best 363 yards on 28 of 49 aim for Atlanta in his final season against the San Francisco 49ers. 

He spent his first three pro seasons as a starter in the United States Football League, leading the 
Michigan Panthers to the inaugural league title and being named championship game MVP as a 
rookie. In three USFL seasons, Hebert threw for 1 1,137 yards and 81 touchdowns. 

Hebert was an honorable mention Ail-American as a sophomore at Northwestern State when he 
set a single-season passing yardage mark in 1981. Hebert set a single-game Demon record with 465 
yards in total offense and tied another with four touchdown passes. 

Charlie Ragus 

agus was a 1 965 graduate of Northwestern where he was a member of the football team. He was 
the founder of AdvoCare, a leading nutritional supplement company. Ragus died in 2001. 

After earning a business degree from Northwestern, Ragus played briefly for the Kansas City 
Chiefs. He had careers in insurance, retail and real estate before joining a direct sales supplement 
company in 1983. He started a similar company with a partnership and eventually sold his interest. 

Ragus founded AdvoCare as a company that would sell leading-edge products and help people be 
proactive about their health. He chose direct selling as the distribution vehicle because it is based on 
one-to-one relationships. 

AdvoCare was named to the prestigious Dallas 100 for five years in a row. The list includes North 
Texas' fastest growing, privately held companies. Ragus was also a finalist in the Ernst and Young 
Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southwest Region for the past several years. 


Alumni Columns Full 2002 / 4 

Campus News- 

ong furple 




Ragus made a donation of $100,000 to benefit the the Athletic Department at NSU. Earlier this 
year, the Ragus' family made a pledge of $400,000 to create the Charles E. Ragus and Family 
Endowed Chair in Business. 

Raymond Strother 

Strother has produced television and offered strategic campaign advice to more than 300 
Democratic candidates for governor, senator, congress and president in the firm of Strother/ 
Duffy/Strother for more than 30 years. 

His other business, StrategyDotGov, with offices in Atlanta and Austin, helps blue chip 
corporations with strategic public planning. Strother began his career as a political journalist for 
the Associated Press and has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Atlanta 
Constitution and numerous political publications. His novel, "Cottonwood," was published in 
1991 and he will have an autobiography, "Falling Up," published this year. 

In 1999 he was a resident fellow at Harvard in Kennedy School of Government and is currently 
past president and chairman of the board of the American Association of Political Consultants. He 
has lectured three times at the University of Bologna, Italy and at numerous universities throughout 
the U.S., including Northwestern. 

A native of Port Arthur, Texas, Strother attended Northwestern from 1958-1960 on a track 

R. B. Williams 

illiams was a Natchitoches attorney for 33 years until he was elected district judge from 
Natchitoches and Red River parishes in 1966. He served on the bench for 14 years. Williams 
was president of the Louisiana District Judges Association in 1978-79. He was assigned to the 2"'' 
Circuit Court of Appeals in 1969-1970 and in 1973, and the Louisiana Supreme Court as jusdce ad 
hoc in 1987. He served as judge ad hoc in numerous parishes throughout Louisiana. Williams died 
in 2001. 

A 1930 graduate of Louisiana State Normal, Williams was a two-sport athlete, lettering in baseball 
and tennis. He was a member of the college's first tennis team. Williams was also a graduate of 
Tulane Law School and the Nafional College of State Trial Judges. 

He was recognized for his continued support of his alma mater after graduation being awarded 
NSU's "Nth" Degree in 1986. In 1999, he was inducted into the first class of the St. Mary's Academic 
Hall of Fame. 

Williams served in World War II, voluntarily enlisting in the U.S. Navy after Pearl Harbor. He 
served as a commander in the Navy and after the war was commander of the Natchitoches Area 
Naval Reserve. 

He was married to the late Ora Garland Williams for 52 years. Ora Garland Williams was a 
charter member of the Long Purple Line. 

Cheryl Wilson 

ilson has been chief operating officer at Rapides Regional Medical Center in Alexandria 

since 1997 and has also served as interim chief executive officer. She has 21 years of 

progressive hospital management experience with HCA. From 1981 until 1997, she worked at 

Brownwood Regional Medical Center in Brownwood, Texas where she was chief operating officer 

in her final two years. 

From 1974 until 1977, Wilson worked in higher education as assistant dean of students/dean of 
women at Howard Payne University. She was a caseworker for the Texas Youth Commission from 
1977 until 1980. 

Wilson earned a bachelor of arts in journalism and a master of arts in student personnel services 
at NSU. She received a master of science in hospital and health care administration at Trinity 

During her career, Wilson has been active in civic activities. She is member of the board of the 
Northwestern State University Foundation, chairman of the board of the Central Louisiana Chapter 
of the American Red Cross and campaign chairman of the executive committee of the United Way 
of Central Louisiana. 


Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 5 

Campus News 

1899 Diploma 

Accepting the donation of an 1899 State Normal School 
diploma from Bill Reese (center) is Alumni Director Chris 
Maggio (left) and Assistant Alumni Director Janay Matt (right). 

^he NSU Alumni Association 
was treated to a special 
suiprise when Bill Reese, father 
of alumnus Devon Reese ('88), 
donated a diploma he found in 
his father's house. The diploma, 
dated 1899, belonged to Judge 
Wiley Jones, who owned the 
house before Reese's father. As 
Reese was cleaning the house 
recently, he found the diploma 
hidden in a closet. After 
searching for relative of Jones, 
he decided it would best be 
served as a Normal School 
memento in the Alumni House. 

Alumni Help Children Get an Even Start 

The Natchitoches Even Start Program and the Natchitoches Parish School Board employ a number of NSU gradu- 
ates. Shown are (front) Sandy Irchirl, teacher; Elwanda Murphy ("80), Superintendent of NPSB; Christine Prewitt 
('73) Even Start coordinator; Alice M. Rachal, director of federal programs; (back) Gwen Antee Hardison ('85), 
supervisor of federal programs. Rodney Irchirl ('93), social worker; Doris Hullaby. coordinator at Parks Elementary; 
Thurman Baptisle ('72) principal of Parks Elementary; Kathy Bundrick ('87) reading specialist; Shirley Sneed ('89) 
teacher and Gwen Antee Hardison ('85) supervisor of federal programs for the NPSB. 

Many NSU alumni maintain a relationship to fellow NSU students long beyond 
graduation and many former students find themselves working together for a 
common good. There has never been a better example than among Even Start workers 
in Natchitoches. 

Christine Prewitt, a 1 973 NSU graduate and Even Start Coordinator for Natchitoches 
Parish, realizes how their program is enhanced by the cooperation among their 
employees, most of which are Northwestern alumni. 

"We love getting NSU students," Prewitt said. "1 feel like I was well prepared 
when I was at NSU and we know the school is a good resource for quality educators." 

Since many on the staff are NSU alumni, they enjoy using the direction and guidance 
that they obtain from their alma mater. 

"We're all very close to NSU," said Alice M. Rachal. "We've worked so well 
together and brought parents together. We really have that NSU connection." 

"It was the right range of culture there," said Shirley Jones Sneed, an Even Start 
teacher and 1989 graduate. "Different views of different things. You are able to get in 
the classroom with diverse people." 

These educators still use Northwestern as a resource as their relationships with 
their faculty never cea.sed. 

"One of the advantages of working close to NSU is being able to continue my 
education," said Rodney Irchirl, a social worker and 1993 graduate working toward a 
master's degree in education. 

According to Elwanda Murphy , superintendent of the Natchitoches Parish School 
Board who obtained a doctorate from Northwestern, the Even Start program and the 
Natchitoches Parish School Board will continue to hire Northwestern graduates. 

"We are highly impacted by Noilhwcstern and we feel very good about the background 
training our employees get from the school," Murphy said. "For any teachers who I 
have taught and who work for me, 1 am very proud of what they can do." Ill 

Graduate "N" Club 
Opens Web Site 

The Northwestern Graduate "N" 
Club invites you to visit their newly 
opened Web site. The site was created to 
keep members informed and up to date 
of current events of the university and 
each other. 
Visit today. 

Webb discusses J^SU's 
recent progress 

Northwestern State University 
President Dr. Randall J. Webb said 
the university's emphasis on quality 
academic programs is continuing to pay 
off as the institution begins its 2002-2003 
academic year. 

Webb outlined NSU's accomplish- 
ments over the past year and future plans 
for the university in an address at the 
annual Faculty Institute. 

"As I travel around Louisiana, I hear 
good things about what you are doing as 
members of Northwestern's faculty," said 
Webb who is beginning his seventh year 
as NSU's president. "I hear exceptional 
things about the quality of the academic 
program at the university and how 
people's perceptions about that quality are 
causing more and more of the better 
students to choose Northwestern." 

Webb said the number of students 
accepting academic scholarships 
increased by 41 percent over last year. In 
addition, the number of high school 
valedictorians and salutatorians accepting 
scholarships has increased. The University 
also had a record number of students 
attend the summer orientation program, 
Freshman Connection. 

Several building projects are also 
progressing. Webb said renovation work 
has begun on Morrison Hall, the home of 
the Louisiana Scholars' College and the 
Family and Consumer Sciences Building. 
The project to renovate the Intramural 
Building should also begin by year's end. 

Alumni Columns Full 2002 / ti 

Alumni Events 

Looking Back \ 


^^ >IoBa gni^Ioo J 

From Cane River 
Belles to Demon 
NSU's Jazz Line 
Celebrates over 
TVenty-five Years 
of Performances 

The Demon Dazzler Dance Line has a long tradition of adding 
a bit of glamour to the already dynamic sound of the Spirit 
of Northwestern Marching Band. Through the years, the line 
has changed and transformed itself from a high-stepping novelty 
group into the jazz group it is today. 

In 1976, the NSU administration decided adding spirit groups 
would attract more students to Northwestern. The athletic 
department chose a dance line to enhance spirit during football 
games and contacted Vicki Parrish to begin the program. 

As a result, the Cane River Belles Dance Line was formed as 
an extra-curricular activity in the dance area of the health and 
physical education department. 

Parrish had taught dance for the Half- Time USA Camp 
Corporation. The dance style incorporated high kicks and novelty 
dancing. She choreographed for the line for 10 years. 

"I brought that style into it," Parrish said. "Their costumes 
were like the Strutters at Southwest Texas, with white cowboy 
boots and vests." 

Jodi Tarver Shirley ('81) was one of the original 1976 Cane 
River Belles. 

"It was a really enjoyable experience," Shirley said. "All the 
girls became close. Vicki Parrish fostered that. I was also glad 
to see the dance line incorporated into the band. It was a good 
added element." 

Later, Parrish decided to go back to graduate school, so Kara 
Andrews became the director. The style of the line moved from 
high-kicks to jazz. She felt the name did not reflect the type of 
dance being performed, so they became the Demon Dazzlers. 
Later, Kim Gamer became the choreographer. 

Parrish later became the faculty sponsor again. Choreography 
eventually became the responsibility of the student performers 
and scholarships were given to each member. 

In 2001, Abe Anthony became the head of all spirit groups, 
and is the faculty sponsor of the Demon Dazzler Dance Line. 

Several members of the line have continued dancing after 
their college career. Some have become Dallas Cowboy 
Cheerleaders and Shreveport Mudbug dancers. Some own their 
own dance studios. 

"What started off as an extra-curricular activity has turned 
into a profession for some," Parrish said. 

The Demon Dazzlers will be able to come together once again 
to visit and perform during half time at Homecoming. Former 
members will perform the Demon fight song along with the band. 
The NSU Alumni Association will host a reunion reception for 
former dance line members on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 6 p.m. at the 
Alumni Center. Ill 

NSU Campus Women's Club 
Honors One of Our Finest 


The Northwestern 
State University 
Campus Women's Club 
honored one of NSU's 
most distinguished 
alumni by naming their 
annual scholarship 
award the Elise P. James 
Campus Women's Club 
Non-traditional Student 

Brenda Webb (left) representing the Cam- 
pus Women's Club and Chris Maggio (right) 
Director of Alumni Affairs, visit with Elise 
James (center) on the occasion of a schol- 
arship named in James' honor. 

"I want to thank the NSU Campus Women's Club for this 
honor," said James. "I am happy that this will benefit a non- 
traditional student and I look forward to meeting each recipient." 

James was a non-traditional student herself. While raising a 
family, she earned a bachelor's degree in business from 
Northwestern in 1968. She earned a master's in 1971. After 
earning her graduate degree, she became an instructor of business 
administration and office management in 1972. 

In 1982, she was promoted to the rank of assistant professor 
of business administration and office management. Three years 
later, James was named coordinator of alumni acdvities and 
assistant professor of business. She was named director of 
development and alumni activities in 1990 and director of alumni 
development in 1995. She retired in 1997. 

James was the first recipient of the President's Distinguished 
Service Award at NSU. She was also inducted into NSU's Hall 
of Distinguished Alumni, the Long Purple Line in 2000. 

The NSU Campus Women's Club is a social club whose 
biggest project of the year is raising funds for two annual 

"We hope this is momentum to get our membership going in 
full," said Brenda Webb, ex-officio president. "Our goal is to 
help young women by awarding scholarships." 

To make donations to the Elise P. James Campus Women's 
Club Non-traditional Student Scholarship, contact the NSU 
Foundation at (318) 357-4414. Ill 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 7 

Alumni Events - 

Looking BacldoBa gniiooJ 

Guess Who? 

Can you guess the nam^s of the Demon Dazzler 
Dance Line shown in the picture? If so, please 
contact the Office of Ahtmni Affairs at 318-357- 
4414. The first five people to call with the 
correct answer will win a prize! 

Guess Who Winners: 

Congratulations to Grace Wilson Brasher ('79) of Harahan. 
Mary Thomas ('80) of Kelly and Pam Heatherwick of 
Natchitoches. They correctly guessed that the members of 
the 1980 State Fair Court are Darlene Strickland, Tina 
Morrell, Karlette Metoyer, Diane McCarty, Denis Warren, 
Susan Sands, Pitty Cathey and Trina Patten. 

Celebrate the 60 Year Anniversary of the 1942 
Championship Football Team with a Special Tribute 
to Athletes who Became World War II Veterans 

It's been 60 years since the 1942 Louisiana State Normal College football team clinched the L.I.C. 
Championship. 1942 was also the year that many of the school's men decided to join the war efforts 
and fight in World War II. The entire 1942 football team left school to serve their country. 

A reception honoring those athletes will be held during Homecoming festivities Oct. 18. The 
reception will precede the annual Homecoming Banquet and include a special program honoring 
some of the WWII veterans as well as the 1942 Normal football team. 

The program will feature such alumni as Alton Lloyd Townsend, a tlrst lieutenant in the U.S. 
Army. Townsend was inducted in to the Army Air Corps in 1942. He served in India and China as a 
pilot and participated in campaign of the China Defensive and the Japan Offensive. Townsend is a 
recipient of the Purple Heart and the Asiatic-Pacific Theatre of Operations Medal with two battle 
stars. He was a prisoner of the Japanese for nearly two years. 

Another noted veteran is Lieutenant David Bramlett. The most decorated alumni among NSU's 
athletes, he received five Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars and other awards during his time in the 
Army, serving in France, Africa, Sicily and Germany. After leaving the Army in 1946, he returned to 
school and finished 12 hours to graduate with a degree in business. Bramlett died in 1991. 

Many men who joined the service decided to marry before leaving home. Dwight Morris , who 
joined the Air Force while attending Normal, returned to Natchitoches to marry his sweetheart after 
earning his wings. He named his B-26 bomber after his wife, Melba Jean. He later retired as a full 
colonel. Morris died in 1988. 

These three alumni are among many who gave up time completing their college education to 
serve the United States. The NSU Alumni Association invites every one to join in a tribute to all the 
veterans and athletes of this time. 

For more information and to make a reservafion contact Theophile Scott at (318) 869-4621 or the 
Alumni Center at (318) 357-4414 or (888)799-6486. Ill 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 8 

DuigliL .Mejiris nianicd 
his wife, Melba Jean, 
before entering World 
War II. 

Alumni Events 

Dinner with the President 

Rep. Wayne and Susan Simpson ('70) Wadell enjoyed 
having dinner with President Randall Webb. 

Keith and Julie ('76) Bergeron spent an evening with the 
NSU President and Mrs. Webb and other alumni. 

Library Science Reunion 

Nona Nelms Bobo ('52) 
and Cheryl Choate ('75) 
enjoyed each other's 
company during the 
Library Science Alumni 

During the Library Science Alumni Reunion held this 
summer, former faculty member Fern Christian was 
elected president and Bettye Beasley Bruning ('53) was 
elected vice president of the organization. 

Jesse ('35) and Eloise Boucher and their daughter Sherry had a 
chance to visit President Webb. 

Roy ('66) and Dorothy James pose for a picture with NSU's 
first family. 

Winnfield Annual Reception 

Benny ('52) and Beth 
Smith enjoyed dinner at 
^' the annual Winnfield 
Alumni Day this 

Jana and Matt 
('97) Endris, their 
daughter Claire 
and father Leonard 
Endris ('74) 
enjoyed gathering 
with other 

Winnfield alumni 
at the annual 
reception this 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 9 

Alumni Events - 

Meet Scott Stoker 

Jack Brittain, Jr. ('79), Danny Dison and Mike Wilburn 
('75) talked sports during a reception to meet Scott Stoker. 

Rudy Hines ('78), Steven Pezant ('89) and 
George Etheredge ('72) were able to visit with 
each other as well as with football staff at the 
Meet Scott Stoker reception. 

Baton Rouge Reception 

Ricky Davis ('65), Wayne Hanson andTy Sibley ('50) 
met with athletic official during the Meet Scott Stoker 
reception in Shreveport. 

^^ V- *k H 


Bill ("77) and Lorraine 
Bossier met with other 
Baton Rouge alumni at a 
reception held in 
conjunction with the 
Louisiana High School 
Coaches Association 

Floyd Carbo ('43), Pauline 
Jobe ('42) and Dr. Joe 
Parker ('50) visited during 
the Baton Rouge 
Reception this summer. 


Athletic Director Greg Burke caught up with 
former athlete Roman Gage at the Baton 
Rouge alumni reception. 

Dr. 'William Haile ("43), 
Dr. Bobby Wicker ('59) 
and NSU Head Basketball 
Coach Mike McConathy 
visit during the Baton 
Rouge Alumni Reception. 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 10 

Alumni Events 

Houston Crawfish Boil 

Donna Rush Acosta ('90), 
husband Kendall ("88) and 
their daughter Sally 
attended the Houston 
Alumni Crawfish Boil 

Owen ('77) and Julie Gill attended the annual 
crawfish boil for Houston alumni. 

Chris Maggio visited with 
Houston alumni (front) 
Paula Rubin ('86), 
Demetra Ellis ('91), 
(back) Christine Frank 
('96), Mitzi Adderley 
('87) and Brunetta 
Anthony ('91). 

Thomas ('82) and Liz Swacker grabbed the 
chance to visit with other Houston alumni at 
the crawfish boil. 

PE Majors Reunion 

Jo Ann Mitchell Prater ('73) 
and Dr. Roberta Pearl Wescott 
('66) visited at the Alumni 
House during a reception for 
former P.E. Majors. 


Carolyn Woodward Migues, Maxine Queyrouse Nicaud ('61) 
Carolyn Roberts Weber ('63), Marie Blanchard Gahagan ('62) 
and Carolyn Ivy Smith had the chance to tour Nelson Hall, 
formerly known as the women's gym during the P.E. Majors 
Club Reunion. 


Ernie Tyler, a 1941 graduate ran with the 
Olympic Torch during the 1992 Olympic 
Games. He is shown with his wife Hazel. 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 1 1 

Alumni Events 

m't It m\ t 


Thursday, October 17 

NSU Retirees Reception 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. - Alumni Center 
Reception for all Northwestern Retirees. 

Friday, October 18 

Homecoming Golf Tournament Recreation Complex - Come 
participate in the 3"' annual golf scramble on the 18-hole golf course for 
$50 per player (includes golf cart and lunch by Coach Gene Knecht). 
Tee time is at 1 p.m. and lunch will be served at 12 p.m. Reservations 
can be made by calling Hall Adams at the NSU Recreation Complex at 

Alumni Association Board Meeting 10 a.m. Room 221, 
Student Union. Annual Board of Directors meeting. Open to the public. 

NSU Foundation Board Meeting 1 :30 p.m. Cane River Room, 
Student Union. Open to the public. 

Homecoming Parade 5 p.m. (approx.) - Campus/Town Annual 
Homecoming Parade for both the Northwestern and Natchitoches 
communities. Begins at Prather Coliseum and ends at the 
Downtown Riverbank. Pep rally on the Riverbank will follow parade. 

World War H Era Students Reunion Reception 5:30 p.m. - 
President's Room, Student Union. A reception honoring students who 
attended Northwestern in the late 1930"s and 1940's. For more 
information please call Chris Maggio, Director of Alumni Affairs at 357- 
4414 or 888-799-6486. 


5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. By Invitation Only. Honoring Alumni Board, 
Foundation Board, Distinguished Faculty Recipients, Long Purple Line 
Recipients and President's Distinguished Service Award Recipient. 

Homecoming Banquet 

7 p.m. - Student Union Ballroom Annual banquet honoring Long Purple 
Line recipients, the President's Distinguished Service Award Recipient, 
Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients and N-Club Inductees. Tickets 
are $15 per person and can be purchased at the Alumni Center or by 
calling 357-4414 or 888-799-6486. Social prior to the banquet will be 
held from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Student Union. 

Saturday, October 19 

5K "Run for Richard" 8:30 a.m. - Begins at Ledet Track Complex Cost 
is $15 per person, which includes a t-shirt and a game ticket. Advanced 
reservations are required. Call 357-5251 for details. Proceeds will 
benefit the Richard Ware Scholarship Fund. 

College of Business Alumni Breakfast 8:30 a.m. - Ballroom, 
Student Union All graduates of the College of Business are invited to 
attend a breakfast that will honor inductees of the College's Hall of 
Distinction. For more information, call (318) 357-5161. 

College of Education Reunion 8:30 a.m. - 
Teachers Education Building All graduates of the 
College of Education are invited to attend a breakfast 
that will honor the inductees of the College's Hall of 
Distinguished Educators. For more information, call 
(318) 357-4414 or 888-799-6486. 

N-Club Hall of Fame Induction 
Ceremony 10 a.m. - Prather Coliseum 

University Bookstore Open 10 a.m. - 2 
p.m. - Student Union Go by the bookstore and buy 
your NSU memorabilia! 

Alumni Tailgating 1 1 :30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. - 
Tailgating Field The Alumni Association will be 
serving plate lunches for $5 per person. All NSU 
Alumni are invited to come by the tent and grab 
something to eat before the game. It will be a great 
time to visit with friends you haven't seen in a while. 

Tailgating Activities 1 1:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
- Tailgating Field adjacent to Turpin Stadium. 
Various groups, including the Greek organizations, N- 
Club and College of Education will be tailgating prior 
to the football game. 

Pre-game Activities 2:30 p.m. - Turpin 
Stadium Enjoy the pre-game show by the Spirit of 
Northwestern Marching Band and other game day 

Homecoming Game vs. Southwestern 
Oklahoma 3 p.m. - Turpin Stadium 

Halftime Ceremonies 4:30 p.m. (approx.) - 
Turpin Stadium 

Band Alumni Party (members only) 6 p.m. 
(approx.) -Alumni Center 

Demon Dazzler Reunion Reception (members 
only) 6 p.m. (approx.) - Alumni Center 

Postgame Reception for Homecoming 
Court 6 p.m. (approx.) - Steve and Lori Stroud 
Hospitality Room, Athletic Fieldhouse (by invitation 

N-Club Activities (members only) 6 p.m. 
(approx.) - Shriners' Club 

"Boogie on the Bricks" 6 p.m. (approx.) - 
Front Street Join Demon fans in the Historic District 
for music, food and drink as Natchitoches puts on its best 
for the Demons! 

Alumni Columns Full ZOOZ / 12 

Class Notes/ Profiles 


Walter Scott Sandefur III retired after 40 
years from the University of North Texas. 
He is married and lives in Denton, Texas. 


Glynn Ellen Pennington McCoy is a 
paralegal for Legal Services of North La. 
She lives in Shreveport. 


Donald Ray Mott is a retired teacher. He 

is married and lives in Baton Rouge. 


George A. Gates is retired from PPG 
Industries, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pa. He is 
married and lives in Tucson, Ariz. 


Marvin Ray Jordan is a probation officer 
and administrator for the State of 
Louisiana Department of Social Services. 
He is married and lives in Pineville. 

Elizabeth Ann Gray is the project 
coordinator at Concentra Medical Center 
in Orange, Calif. She lives in Carlsbad, 

Charles Alfred Burlison retired from the 
Caddo Parish School Board in 1995 as a 
principal. He is married and lives in 


Jane Jeffress Gault is a retired educator. 

She is married and lives in Pleasant Hill. 

Gene Koury has received the Kisatche- 
Delta Entrepreneur of the Year award for 
2002 in July 


Jesse Wayne Crooks is the CEO and 
Baptist minister at Jesse Crooks 
Ministries. He is married and lives in 
Thomasville, N.C. 


Lynn Ellen Nollkamper Hebert is a lab 
analyst at PPG Industries, Inc. She is 
married and lives in Sulphur. 


Linda Day 

Class of 1967 

Linda Day vividly remembers the high esteem in which teachers 
were held in her family. The 1967 Northwestern graduate spent 
more than 30 years in education as a teacher, school administrator 
and official in the Louisiana Association of Educators. 

"I remember when I told my father 1 wanted to be a teacher," said 
Day. "He was thrilled. It was like a calling to me. To our family, 
being a teacher was the best profession anyone could go into. I 
couldn't imagine doing anything else." 

"Nothing else gave me the professional satisfaction of teaching. 
I loved teaching middle school and subjects including social studies, 
reading, debate and economics," said Day. 

Day was elected LAE president in 1989 and served for four years. 
She was the first president of the organization to serve for two terms. 
In 1993, she was asked by Gov. Edwin Edwards and Louisiana 
Attorney General Richard leyoub to serve in the State Office of 
Drug Policy and Community Affairs. In 1997, she returned to the 
LAE as executive director. Day also served as a member of the 
Electoral College from Louisiana, making up part of the group that 
actually elects the President of the United States. 

Day is quick to give credit to many faculty and staff at 
Northwestern in helping her to succeed. She remembers being 
influenced and helped by people such as Hurst Hall, Pete Gregory, 
Dan Carr, Keith Runyon, Otis Crew, Dorothy Bowen and Lucille 

"I love Northwestern," said Day. "I came to Northwestern with 
limited experiences. My parents gave me a good foundation in 
morals, values and belief in myself. Northwestern was able to catapult 
me into a successful career. I felt like I was part of a family at 
Northwestern. While I was there, I felt safe and knew I was going to 

"At Northwestern, I was exposed to a new cultural environment. 
I was from Shreveport and roomed with girls from Plaucheville. 
That opened up a whole new world for me." 

Day also enjoyed being part of the staff at the Current Sauce. 

"1 remember always being busy. I never sat in my room wanting 
something to do," she said. 

Northwestern honored Day by naming her to the College of 
Education's Hall of Distinguished Educators in 2000. 

Day is retired and lives near Doddridge, Ark. She is still active as an 
advisor to elected officials and candidates on educational policy. Ill 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 13 

Class Notes/Prohles 


Blanche Garb Sibley is an ICU nurse. She is 

married and lives in Tequesta, Fla. 

Michael Allen Delcambre is a teacher and coach at 
Iberia Middle School. He is married and lives in 


Patrick Dennis Haygood is the director of human 
resources at EWTN Global Catholic Network in 
Birmingham, Ala. 


Martha Jane Curry Stroud is a kindergarten teacher 

at Waller Elementary in Bossier. 

Dr. Jeff Totten has accepted a position of assistant 
professor of marketing at Southeastern Louisiana 
University, starting the fall 2002 semester. He is 
married and lives in Hammond. 


Charles Grau retired from the United States Navy 
as a Commander in April 2002. He is the director of 
business and development at Quantrex ITG. He is 
married and lives in Virginia Beach, Va. 


Dawn Doherty Johnson is a homemaker. She is 
married to Bill Johnson ('82), a former NSU 
defensive line coach. They have two children and 
reside in Suwanee, Ga. where Bill is an assistant 
coach with the Atlanta Falcons. 


Kathryn Jenney Lesko is the director of public 
relations at Clara Maass Medical Center in 
Belleville, N.J. She lives in Glen Ridge, N.J. She 
recently received two first place awards in the SS"' 
annual North Jersey Press Club Memorial 
Journalism Awards. 


Patrick S. Turner is employed by the FBI as a 

special agent. He is married and lives in Portage, 


Valerie Rose Palmere Scott is the owner, president 
and clinician of Better Legs, Incorporated. She is 
married and lives Bossier City. 

Deatrice Newton Carger is employed at Syntex 
Management Solutions as an oracle database 
administrator. She lives in Baytown, Texas with her 
two children. 


Sandra Lee Foshee Beasley works at NSU in the 
Information Systems Office as a computer operator. 
She is married and lives in Provencal. 


Marc Todd Misuraca is the owner of Road Avengers 
Roadside Assistance and Towing. He is married and 
lives in McKinney, Texas. 

Jerome Perrault is film production manager. He lives 
in Paris, France. 

Jennifer Lea Anderson is employed by the State of 
Louisiana Department of Education at Region VI 
Educational Service Center as a program coordinator. 


Tina Marie Foret Bonstaff works at The American 
Cancer Society as the income development project 
manager in the New Orleans and Westbank region 
and event manager for Making Strides Against 
Cancer Walk for the entire state of Louisiana. She is 
married and lives in Metairie. She and her husband 
own a karate school in Luling. 

Michelle R. Mulkey Griggs is married and lives in 
Fort Worth, Texas. 


Laurie Ann Coco Moreau is the Controller at Bank of 

West Baton Rouge. She is married and lives in Port 


Luther B. Small is a software developer for Avaya 
Communications. He is married, has two children 
and lives in Rowlett, Texas. 


Lance P. Scott is a district manager at Wells Fargo 
Financial. He is married to Holly Gaddis Scott ('96) 
and lives in Mandeville. 

Dr. Robert Carter III is a research physiologist at the 
United States Army Research Institute of 
Environmental Medicine. He is married and lives in 


Cassondra Savoy Guilbeau is the public relations 
manager at Delta Downs Racetrack and Casino. She 
is married and lives in Lake Charles. 

Rev. Thomas Worsham IV is a pastor to students 
(youth & college) at Waller Baptist Church in Bossier. 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 14 

Class Notes/Profiles - 


Tracy Latrice Harris is a financial advisor 
for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and a 
teacher. She lives in Mesquite, Texas. 


Alyssa Simmons is employed by White 

Settlement Independent School District 

as a teacher. She lives in Fort Worth, 


Raini Michelle Guidry is employed at 
Crossland Economy Studios as the 
general manager. She lives in Baton 

Emily S. LaCaze is the operations 
manager at LSU Alumni Association/Cook 
Conference Center. She lives in Baton 

Brandie Marie St. Pierre Sievers is a 
fourth grade science and social studies 
teacher in Acadia Parish. She is married 
to Brad Sievers ('95) and lives in Rayne. 

Kristin Ann Harkins Fulkerson is a Latin 
Teacher at Loch Raven Academy in 
Baltimore, Md. She is married and lives 
in Randallstown, Md. 


Chad Davis is a network analyst at 
Louisiana Generating LLC. He is 
married to April Daigle Davis COO) and 
lives in Torbert. 

Ginger F. Griffin Eppinette is the 
technology advisor for the Woodland 
School District. She is married and lives 
in Deerfield, 111. 

Victoria Alane Cole McNeal is a teacher 
at Poland Jr. High. She is married and 
lives in Deville. 

Jaime C. Brazzell Fertsch is married to 
Dieter Fertsch COl). They are moving to 
Honduras where Dieter will be the 
general manager of COGACSA, a Latin 
American industrial exporter. 


Jarrod Lance Sanson is teaching at 

Peabody Magnet High School. He lives in 



Casey Crowder 

Class of 2001 

Northwestern State alumnus Casey Crowder recently won the title of 
Miss Louisiana and competed in this year's Miss America Pageant 
held in Atlantic City. 

Crowder earned a degree in business administration from NSU last year. 
She is pursuing a master of business administration from the University of 

She is the first Northwestern student or alumnus to win the title of Miss 
Louisiana since Marjorie Hagler (Dial) in 1933. 

Crowder competed six times for the Miss Louisiana title before winning 
this summer. 

"I'm a competitive person," Crowder said when describing her 
motivation to continue year after year. "I never wanted to look back and 
wonder if I could have won, because I had been close so many times." 

Crowder won her first title. Little Miss Potlicker, when she was eight 
years old. She said she couldn't count how many times she has competed 
in pageants before. 

"I have no idea, not an inkling" she said. 

This year's contest won't be Crowder's first encounter with the Miss 
America Pageant. She watched it in person four years ago. 

"It was unreal," she recounted. "The stage is huge, and there are 
thousands of people." 

Crowder said the effort it took to reach the Miss America pageant is the 
root of her competition anxiety. 

"Being in a place I've worked so hard for is nerve-racking," Crowder 

In the Miss America system, each woman competes in interview, 
evening gown, swimsuit and talent categories. The contestants also support 
a platform, which is a set of principles they advocate during their reigning 
year as Miss America or their respective states. 

Crowder's platform focused on mental health awareness for the last five 
years. In 1997, Crowder's father died of Alzheimer's disease, a form of 
dementia characterized by progressive memory loss and mental 

"I saw a need for someone to promote mental health awareness," 
Crowder said. 

The pageant experience has been positive and negative for Crowder. 
She had times of intense frustration but maintained her confidence to 
repeatedly participate. 

"Getting ready to compete is a lot of work and it's very time 
consuming," Crowder said. "I think you have to be a strong person and be 
able to take constant criticism." 

Crowder said several years of serious competition have prepared her for 
professional job interviews and taught her to be comfortable with speaking 
to large crowds. 

While attending NSU, Crowder was a Dean's List student and a member 
of Phi Mu Fraternity, Purple lackets. Order of Omega, Purple Pizazz Pom 
Pon Line and the Student Government Associafion. Ill 

Alumni Columns Fall 2002 / 15 

Class Notes/ Prohles 

Clarence Frank is director of orchestras at George 
H. Gentry Junior School in Baytown, Texas. 

Michelle Elizabeth Mire is a clinical social worker 
at Catholic Charities, a St. Charles Clinical 
Counseling Branch. She lives in Gar3rville. 

Donna Kaye Dilday Adams is a sixth grade teacher 
for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools. 

Elizabeth Lucille Williams is the assistant program 
director at Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services, 
Inc. She lives in Lake Charles. 

Amanda Lynn Galiano is employed at Bethany 
Christian School as a biology and math teacher. 
She lives in Baker. 


Kyle B. Thomas received his commission as a naval 
officer after completing Officer Candidate School 
(OCS) at Naval Aviation Schools Command, Naval 
Air Station, Pensacola, Fla. 

Christopher Trull is the finance director for the 
committee to elect Ed O'Brien. He lives in 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Leslie Ware Kaylo Morgan is employed by the 
Parker County School Board as a teacher. She is 
married to David Morgan COO) and lives in Parker, 

Regina McCrea Daigre is the chairperson of the 
Business and Career Technology Department for 
the Cobb County School System. She is married 
and lives in Hampton, Ga. 

Jamie DeAnna Murray McGowan is an underwriter 
assistant at Summit Consulting, Inc. She is 
married to Joseph Michael McGowan COD and lives 
in Baton Rouge. 

Sean Lehane is in the United States Army and is 
stationed in Seoul, Korea. 


Angie Kaithleen Kulaga is a kindergarten teacher 

at Rosepine Elementary School. 

Jennifer Odell Phillips is the assistant director at 
Cajun Coast Visitors Conventions Bureau in 

In Memory 

'31 Doris Louise Gaston, Bernice, May 8, 2002 

'38 Robert (Bobby) Jones 

'40 Opal Napier Wright Magness, Converse, Jime 13, 2002 

'41 Leuella M. Baxter, Natchitoches 

'41 Donnie Allen Waller, Shreveport, May 18, 2002 

'42 Virginia Johnson Holliday 

'42 Hazel LeBlanc Haby, March 29, 2002 

'42 F. M. Kelly Ward, Alexandria, June 5, 2002 

'43 Neva Graves Noah, May 12, 2002 

'52 Harold Jefferson Swilley, July 14, 2002 

'52 Lamar E. Rogers, Sr., Jackson, May 13, 2002 

'54 Ernestine Jones Moffett, Monroe, July 3, 2002 

'57 Ruby Bogan, Castor, June 10, 2002 

'59 Samuel Matthew Black, Shallotte, N.C., May 24, 

'61 Lois Nell LaCour Johnston, Pineville, June 6, 2002 
'64 Margie Kelley Deckard, New Iberia, May 9, 2002 
'71 John Wayne Odom, Natchitoches 
'75 James Embury Miller, Glenmora, Feb. 9, 2002 
'77 Mrs. Exie Butler Mclnnis 
'78 Stephen B. Story 
'95 Teresa Wren Gilcrease, Baker City, Oregon, 

June 10, 2002 
'01 James Wilson McCorkle, Natchitoches, May 29, 

'02 Rondray Latrell Hill, Washington, D.C., May 25, 

Sarah Ann Hatten Winbery, Alexandria, May 15, 2002 
Thelma Eloise Williams Smith, May 21, 2002 
Marie K. Thomas, Shreveport, May 10, 2002 
Clyde Birch Fulton Jr, Houston, Texas, May 9, 2002 
Linda M. Coleman Smith, Shreveport, May 25, 2002 
Peggy Isbell Cousins, Lafayette, June 8, 2002 
Keith Richard 

Dr. Ray E. Simmons, Jr., July 15, 2002 
Frances Whatley Loggins, Shreveport, July 10, 2002 
Wilkie Forrest Cudd, Denham Springs, July 10, 2002 

Ahimni Columns Fall 2002 / 16 

ntiMi^^h^ ll^JjC'Vyh^^^Z^i^ UfA^^C 

Please fill this page out as completely as possible. We are constantly revising our records and your information 
updates are vital to making the system work. The information from this form is also used for entries in the 
"Class Notes" section. Please make a copy of this page and give it to any NSU graduate who may not be on our 
list. We can't keep in touch with you if we can't find you! Thank you. 



Name: (Miss, Mrs. Mr.)_ 

Please Circle 

Current address: 









NSU undergraduate degree(s): 
NSU graduate degree(s): 

_Year of graduation:, 
. Year of graduation:. 

During which years did you attend NSU?_ 

Which organizations were you involved in while a student at NSU?_ 

Place of employment 
Job title: 

_Work phone :_ 

Spouse's name: 

Is your spouse an NSU graduate? Yes 
If yes, what degree(s) did he / she earn? 

Spouse's undergraduate degree (s) 

Spouse's graduate degree (s) 


_Year of graduation. 

_Year of graduation. 

Do you have children who are potential Northwestern students? Please tell us their names, contact information, 
and what high school they attend. 

Please return to: Alumni Center • Northwestern State University • Natchitoches, LA 71497 

If you would like information from Admissions, Financial Aid or the NSU Athletic Association, 
you can contact them at the following address: 

Director of Admissions 
State University 
Room 103, Roy Hall 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 
(318) 357-4503 
800-426-3754 (Louisiana) 
800-327-1903 (out of state) 

Director of Financial Aid 
State University 
Room 109, Roy Hall 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 
(318) 357-5961 

Athletic Director 
State University 
Room lOlC 
Athletic Fieldhouse 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 
(318) 357-5251 

1 4'P^|H'^^^^^^^HV ^Kt y 


"■ J&f 


The 2002-2003 Demon Dazzler Dance Line members are: (front) Christy Daigle of Lake Charles, Anne 
Bernard of Natchitoches, Courtney Young of Pickering, (middle) Cassa'Dean of New Orleans, Andrea 
Pang of Baton Rouge, Erika Thiergart of Natchitoches, Angelin Adams of Covington, Tina Fisher of Bossier 
City, Staci Alexander of Carthage, Texas, (back) Tory Nunez of Houma and Jessica Marcel of Houma. The 
NSU Alumni Association will host a reunion reception for former dance line members on Saturday, Oct. 19 
at 6 p.m. at the Alumni Center. See "Looking Back" on page 7 of this issue for the dance line story. 

Alumni Columns 
Northwestern State University 
Natchitoches, LA 71497-0002 

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